Sunday, January 2, 2011

You told Daddy!

Dear Lyla,
Today you were so funny! You are everyday but today you had me and Daddy cracking up at you!
This morning we slept in until about 9am..then we got up out of bed around 11 and watched some TV and had Dora gummies for breakfast! Shh!
Then we took down our Christmas tree..I had to keep telling you that we got our presents from Santa and we will put it up again next year when we wait on Santa. You kept saying, "Otay"
We slept in so we missed morning getting ready for evening were a HOOT!
Daddy was in the shower trying to get cleaned up and you kept telling him to "Get out of the shower Daddy!"
So I started telling you to tell Daddy that we were going to leave him..and he better hurry up.
But in your own words!!!
You told your daddy
"you better get out the shower in five minutes or we are leaving you little boy and i'm gonna fold you like a piece of paper"
All we could do was laugh!!
You have an attitude..let's be honest!! But it is way cute!!
You will tell Daddy you are going to "bust him in the head" sometimes...
but it is his fault because he teaches you all this attitude!!

Then on the way to church...Daddy turned right on red to go to church..and you told him that Sister Myers (our pastors wife and your Sunday school teacher) was going to get his butt for running the red light. know that you are supposed to stop on red..and go on green!! And your not even three yet!!
You are so smart!!

When we got to church..Sister Myers DID get Daddy's butt for you!! and you just smiled!!

You didnt' take a nap today so after church on the way home you passed out!! So I took you in the house and slipped you into bed! But right now it is 11pm...and you woke up about an hour that didn't work out very well for momma because YOU and MOMMA have to go to school tomorrow.

So we are going to go lay in Momma and Daddy's bed and watch TV and HOPEFULLY you fall back to sleep so we aren't crabby in the morning!!

I love you!


Karen Peterson said...

It is so funny the things kids come up with!

*Nikki* said...

oh we laughed until we almost peed our pants!!

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