Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Lyla,

Yesterday your Nanny and Poppa came over to help Daddy finish the floor in your room. It looks amazing. When you got to go in said "I LOVE IT" You are so funny!
While you were napping..I went to church and when I got back I let your Nanny wake you up. When you finally woke up we took Nanny to the park and showed her how you slide down the big slide all by yourself. It makes me crazy that you do it..but you do a good job..I just worry! You are getting so big. I know I will say that for the rest of your life but you are! After we played at the park we ran by Wal Mart to get a few things for a boy that we go to church with who is living behind our church.
His grandpa kicked him out and he had no where to go. So we took him a few things and invited him over to just hang out for a while. You and Uncle Colton made him feel very welcome. He said he enjoyed himself.
Daddy and I bought you a Power Wheels four wheeler for you birthday and you will NOT ride the thing. You won't push the button to make it go. I have tried and tried to show you how fun it would be...even tried giving you candy! Uncle Colton comes over and says ..hey get on there and show me how you ride it..and you just hop right on and take off!
Supper is cooking right now and you are getting hungry.
Love you with all my heart!

Your Momma

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Lyla,

I can't believe that you are already two! I have had you for two years. God has let me keep you safe and sound for two years. I feel so blessed!
You are such a smart girl. You sing me your ABC's and you count to ten before you bail off the bed and hope that I catch you. You love to sing..and I love to sing with you. We will sing at the top of our lungs dancing around the house and laugh until we cry! You are so much fun to be around. You are so happy and I just adore you!
Right now you are in the living room playing with your doll house while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on the TV in the bedroom. But without a doubt if I go and turn the will know and come running.
I pray that you keep singing and dancing. Never let go of the joy you have. It makes you beautiful. All this makeup and skinny jeans that this world is not beauty. Stay beautiful on the inside and keep smiling...because you have the best smile in the world! I love you!
It is almost time to start getting ready for church so I am going to go snatch you up and cuddle with you until we have to get ready!

Love you,
Your Momma

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why my husband?

Why I met my husband...

The past few Wednesdays at church we have been having prayer meetings...

We go to church...sing...then we take prayer requests....

we turn the lights down...turn some relaxing worship music on...

and find a place to pray

Just you...and God...


I have thoroughly enjoyed these prayer meetings...and I feel like I have gotten alot out of them.

I honestly never thought I I am a little suprised.

To share with you a little of my past...

When I was a little mom and dad never TOOK me to was MY decision to go. I went to the First Baptist church...

it was the biggest in our little town of 200 people

all my friends went there

they had a summer camp that was awesome

they went on field trips..

and had fun..

but what do you expect when a 10 year old picks out a church..

I wasn't exactly looking for doctrine at that age...

So all my life I have been taught about the Trinity and God not caring what you wear just go to women are to be silent in church...... forward a few decades...

When I met my husband..I wasn't going to church..I was to busy being **21** (woohoo!)

So when we decided to get serious...and started the talk about having a family..I told him I want my children to be raised in church...I wasn't and made that decision myself..and I know that God tells you that if you raise a child up in the name of the Lord..when they get older they will not depart from it. And the way this world is...we need Jesus!

The Baptist church where we live now is SO HUGE..that I actually got lost trying to go to the worship center. It is like a college with different felt like I was a stranger...I didn't like it.

My husband's family goes to a United Penecostal Church.



I didn't know if I could handle that...or turn from my ways and solely accept thiers.

But my first time there...I felt so was so inviting...

and my first service there I felt the Lord...and realized that it didn't matter what building you were in ...Jesus was everwhere....

So I knew that God knew how confused I was...but I was trying.

and to this day (yes we are back to the present) I am still trying...

There are a few things...that have changed my thinking...

like the Trinity...

I no longer believe in that...

I believe that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is all one thing.

Like I am me, and Lyla is me, and my soul is me

All Me!

I believe that you need to be baptized "in Jesus name for the remission of your sins"

Acts 2:38 tells you plain as day

............and throughout these prayer meetings.....

I have come to realize that the reason I met my husband is so that I would find that church...because there is no way that i would be living in the town i am...going to that church if I hadn't met him.

And my husband and I will talk all the time about how many places we have been in the past...together...but never noticed each other. So crazy!

So it makes me really feel that I have met the ONE that I am supposed to be with on this journey of life.

Our last prayer meeting on Wednesday ...I was praying and just stopped to listen ....I didn't know what I was listening for...or if I would fall asleep...but I started thinking...and thoughts just kept popping in my mind...


if I was walking down my sidewalk...and someone noticed me...would they know as soon as they seen me..that I believe in God.

as hard as that is to answer ...No


because if you think about it....

if you see a woman in a skirt...with long make up....

what do you think?

She is Pentecostal. And we all know...that Penecostals "get with it"

They no other religion I have seen in my life!

When you see a Pentecostal woman know that she believes in God...and that she is a praying woman....

if you have a need...get her to pray with you...

There have been many people just walk up to my mother in law and ask her where she goes to church because they are looking for somewhere to go...just because of what she wears...

and I know this is going to be hard for me...and I really don't wanna do it....I have had all these feeling before...I wrote not to long ago about this same situation here but I am feeling God tug at me....when I wear jeans and a Tshirt....I look like everyone else in this world....I don't want to be OF THIS WORLD...I want this world to know that I plan on seeing Jesus one day!

I want people to know that I am a Godly person....

And if you know know that by all means I am NOT a dressy person...

at all!

So this is going to be hard..and I am going to have to lean on God....alot!

But I feel like if I stepped out in faith and did what God is asking of me..that he will do amazing things through me!

and that is worth it all!


just my thought before i go to bed

Monday, August 9, 2010

the fastest two years of my life

This past Sunday we celebrated Lyla's 2nd Birthday!

I , like every other mother, can not believe that my baby is two years old! It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, waiting for her belly button to fall off, excited to try out the first baby foods. Now we are singing songs, and ABC's, potty training, talking in full sentences.

Where did the time go?

Did I treasure it all?

Did I record everything I wanted to?

I have to say in two years..she is a beautiful, mature, and smart cuppy cake!

There has been hair pulling times and times where I laugh so hard my jaws hurt. Being a mom is the best thing I have done in my life. I know now why I looked forward to it all those years as a is like nothing else.

It is extremely hard but greatly satisfying.

Nothing compares.

I have to admit is sometimes hard on your is stressful and you take things out on each other. It is times like these though that you gather the family together, enjoy each other's company and when the chaos is all over Gregg and I pull together and say, "Look what we have done!" and we bask in the pride and joy that we have raised and nurtured for two years.

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