Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lyla's First Shots

Today Lyla got her two month old shots! Mom met me at work with her and we went up to Ft. Smith to Dr. Whittaker's office to get her shots. I was so nervous! I did pretty good though....but I was waiting for the fight because I didn't want her getting five or six shots at a time...that is just to much I think! We waited and waited in the waiting room and by the time we got back into the room we had to wait some more and Lyla started to get sleepy. I didnt want her to go to sleep because if the poked her while she was asleep I figured it would scare her to death so I tried to keep her awake. The nurse came in and wieghed her ( 11 pounds ) and measured her ( 24 inches ) and told us she looked healthy...she was growing good!! Then the dr came in and told us the same thing....he checked her eyes and ears and moved her legs around...he pressed on her belly and hit her tickle spot and she starting cracking up! Then he said the nurse would be in a min to give her the heart dropped! Well she came in and explained what she would be getting and I explained to her what she wouldn't be getting....and we comprimised on three shots. Two in one leg and the most potent one in the other leg. The first one Lyla didn't cry to bad..then the second and the third...she screamed! I know it hurt and when she hurts...I hurt! So I starting crying because my heart was breaking...and there was nothing I could do to make it stop hurting. When mom seen me start to cry..she started crying...then when Colton seen us all crying he started crying. Colton was more mad than anything...he didn't like that the nurse held her legs down to give her a shot! He took Gregg's place very well..Gregg was at work...I scheduled it that way on purpose because Gregg would have had a fit!!! Well I gave her to mom after she calmed down a little...Mom got her dressed while I fixed her a bottle because she was also hungry and tired along with hurting! So after I got her bottle fixed and she was dressed I held her and walked down to the truck...and cuddled with her for just a min...I think she was OK faster than I was....Grandpa James called about four times to see how she was doing! I called Gregg as soon as we got out to tell him everything was fine! He was worried about her all day today! When we got in the truck...she was fine..and sleepy...she fell asleep about five minutes after we starting we stopped by Academy to get Uncle Colton a new slingshot..then we went to Wal-Mart to get Lyla some apple juice ...then we went home!
So I think they give infants shots just to torture the mother a little bit more...are they trying to get us ready for the teenage years or what? But they told me on her four month and six month shots...she will cry a little but it won't be as bad! I still don't know if Dad will go to those or not! We'll see.... :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

just wanting to blog

I just felt like blogging today...i was thinking last night that i really need to keep a record of what goes on in these days while Lyla is little..she will cherish these one day when she gets older. I wish my mom had kept a journal or something about what times were like when i was little...wouldn't that be interesting to read? What she went she felt...was she as nervous as i am....was her house clean or dirty...did she ever feel like she was running a million miles an hour and had no time to slow down...not even for a minute...did she have twenty people pulling at her to see the baby and when you get caught up doing something else they take you on a guilt trip on how they are never going to get to see the baby!!
ok that was a little vent....
I do feel like i am going in light speed and my head is just spinning sometimes. Mom usually takes Lyla a couple days to spend time with her and it helps me alot to have those couple of days to clean house...catch up on work stuff...and just sit in silence! I never ask her to take lyla she just wants to spend time with her!
My mom and I havent had the best relationship in the past and just here recently we have gotten back on talking terms...and i am glad we have....she loves lyla...and lyla loves her
she helped me alot through my pregnancy and labor...her and my step dad
I think that is why she loves to spend so much time with her...because it makes us close in a's nice! It touches my heart to see them talk and dance.....and i wonder if she did that with me? How her and dad's relationship was....
You know you think your parents are real people until you grow up and realize that my mom had me younger than when i had Lyla....
anyway back on my subject ...i want to start keeping a journal, blog, or something on what i go through and do during the days that lyla is little so one day she can read this and see that her mom danced with her...her daddy danced with her...we sang stories...she knows the nights I stood by her crib for hours just to make sure she was asleep before I left the room.
Everyone tells you that you just make it when they are little on no sleep...and i was so scared that i wasn't going to be able to stay up with her and do my best...but somehow you do! I don't know how....I called it new mommy adrenaline....that is my only way of explaining how i did it all!
Coming home from the hospital and trying to heal yourself all your aches and pains...being so uncomfortable...and running to make bottles at the first hint of a sound is crazy ....but when you become a all just seems natural! It put the scripture that God doesn't give you anything you can't bear into realization. I am extremely blessed because as soon as lyla came home she was a good sleeper!
I couldn't ask for anything more in my life right now!!
I have a wonderful husband....and beautiful daughter...a great job....helpful family and friends....and a good church to go to!!!
I just keep asking God to bless me....
Today Mom has Lyla...When she does keep her me and Gregg both call probably five times a day to check on her. I am sure mom gets tired of talking on the phone but I miss her when she isn't here. me and mom were joking today that she only poops at grandma's house...because i haven't changed a poopey diaper in who knows how long! My mom keeps her while i go to work and after work i go up there and get her...and everyday when i go up there and see her it seems like she has grown so much!! Lyla, grandma and grandpa went to town today shopping then came back home and waited on Uncle Colton to get off the school bus....
Lyla loves her Uncle Colton and her Uncle Colton loves his Lyla
they are a good pair!!! I almost cry everytime I see colton play with her....because i remember when he was that little...i had a big big big hand in taking care of him and to see him love her so much ...chills me!!

I hope i can keep this up....i would love to one day read these to lyla!!! I think with the way the world is changing so would be something to treasure!

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