Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Helper!

Dear Lyla,
Yesterday I had to go in and have surgery to get my gall bladder removed. I was so worried that something was going to go wrong. I started noticing every little thing about you.
Your long fingers
Your long eyelashes
Your Daddy's lips
Your grandma's toes
the way you talk
the way you walk
your cute little attitude
and they way you have no worries.

Just looking at you being carefree and happy ...really makes me feel like I am doing my job as a mother right. I know your life won't always be carefree...
There will be will love them and hate them...
There will be friends that you get into fights with...
School scholarships...
but out of all that..I want you to know..that I am here! Talk to me! About anything! I pray everyday that we have that kind of relationship where you feel comfortable talking to me and seeking my advice.
I know that you won't always take my advice..and I know that sometimes you are going to have learn from your own mistakes...but please know that through it all..i will catch you when you fall..when you are at the your bottom...and you need a hand to get back up..I will be there!!

Yesterday you went to the Monkey House with your Nanny dont' see her much...that is a long drama story that I really don't want to concern you with..but you had a good time and that is all that matters.
While you were playing me and Daddy rested from being at the hospital.
When you got home you told me all about your day...and then laid on the couch with Dad and fell asleep.

Today Daddy was going to get you up and take you to I could rest..then Nanny Carol was going to pick you up and take you to her house until you were ready for bed. Then bring you home and put you to sleep for me because I can only lift five pounds right now.

But...I missed you like crazy yesterday so you stayed home with me until Nanny picked you up.
You were so good!
You helped me get went potty by yourself like a big girl...
you played and watched tv...
I love you so much..I know God hand picked you just for me!! I am so proud of you!!

When Nanny came to get you kept telling me to sit down because I had boo boo''re so sweet and so grown up for your age.
But had a job to had to help Nanny go feed the horses and play with your Uncle you had to go!
You told me you loved me..that you were going to eat some peppermints and Cowboy Cheese...and BYE!

I want to cherish these moments right now...because they go by so fast!!

I love You!!


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