Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear Lyla

I can not even begin to tell you how much you love your Nanny and PaPa.
Your daddy and I have been off work the past couple weeks for the Holidays so we have been spending some quality time up at Nanny and PaPa's house playing cards.

Mommy, Daddy, Nanny, and PaPa play cards and you either watch your shows on TV that you like or you help one of us play.
Right now you are really into Dora...eventhough Mickey Mouse used to be your world!!!

You always ask PaPa to get out your kitchen...because you have two of at your house and one at Nanny's house.

can you say spoiled?

Then for Christmas Nanny and PaPa got you an you have to have that out too ..before we even start playing cards.

Then on comes Dora. Oh..gotta get your pillows off the couch and on the floor so you can be comfortable while you watch TV. We can't forget about our baby dolls...which is an old Tickle Me Elmo, a Snoring Ernie, a blue puppy dog, and a bear I had as a kid. They each have thier own pillow to watch TV on.

While we play cards you usually cook us all purple cupcakes and whoever is the lucky one gets the big cupcake with the candle. And we all get spoons to eat our cupcakes with.

You are such a great girl! You are never any trouble...never throw fits or have tatrums. Although I hear it is supposed to start happening soon since you are two ...but I feel so lucky to have you that you could throw as many fits as you wanted and I will still love you with all I am.

We stayed up at Nanny and PaPa's house last night for New Years. We played games and you did your usual. You played so hard that you fell right asleep in the floor with your babies watching TV. So sweet!

We brought you home..put you to bed..and you never slept until 9:00am!

But we need to start getting you back on schedule because we have to start going back to school soon.

I am having my gall bladder taken out Tuesday. I would never show it..but I am pretty nervous about being put to sleep. There is so many complications that could happen. But somewhere in my heart I know that God would not let me miss out on your life.
Daddy is going to take you to preschool and Nanny is going to pick you up. Nanny will stay here with me and you while I don't feel good to help me take care of you until you go to sleep or until Daddy gets home.

Thank God for Nanny's, PaPa's, and good Daddy's!
I don't know what I would do with out them..and with out YOU!!

I love you SO SO SO much!!



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