Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prayer works...Remeber that!

Dear Lyla,
Last Saturday..I don't know the date..but I know this post is we will figure it out if need be...your dad and I went to play BINGO with your Nanny and PaPa.
So we asked if your Dad's mom and dad could hang with you while we were gone for a few hours...they said yes..which was shocking...because we hadn't been getting along very well...
well..i can't say haven't been getting along...we just haven't talked...
long story
So we took you up play...we took your Dora movie so you would be comfortable and watch your shows..with your Christmas blanket, baby dolls...all of it!
On the way home..we called to check on you...Norma said you were a little warm so she had a rag on your head and you told her, "Nanny I'm sick"
So we stopped by Wal Mart on the way home to get some Tylanol because I wasnt quite sure how much I hadn't been sick in a while.
When we got there to pick you soon as I touched you I knew you were burning with we got you home and took your temperature.
You had 103.9
Inside..I was flipping..I wanted to choke someone for letting you get like this.
But I know you were depending on me to take care of you and be calm.
We called my mom and stepdad...and told them if I couldn't get it broke in a hour...we were going to the ER...because I didn't know how long it had been that high.
And I really didn't want to take you to the ER because spinal menigitis has been going around and two people from our area had gotten at the ER.
You wouldn't take your medicine..because you had sinus drainage and it gagged I put a cooling Mickey Mouse on your head.
When Nanny and PaPa came you didn't even want to talk to them or have PaPa hold something was seriously wrong.
I just laid you on me and sat on the couch and just prayed with my hand on your back.
If you wouldn't take your medicine....I didn't know how long you had had high fever....I didn't want to take you to the ER....Just Pray!
It should have been the FIRST thing I did.....
About five to ten minutes later..your fever was going down..tremendously! Fast!
You started talking...playing...looking at pictures on our phones...
You were back to Lyla.

Thank God!

God touched you that day...I believe in my soul....he healed you and proved to me that prayer should be the first thing I do..not my last option.

Remember that...Pray
Pray first
Start everything with Prayer...

Start your day with prayer
Start a new relationship with prayer
Start a new job with prayer

everything should START with prayer

I want you to know that God laid his hand on you...and brought your fever down....he loves you...cares for you..and has given you a purpose in this life.
It might take a while for you to figure it out...and you will make plenty of mistakes trying to learn right from wrong...
but i am here....non-judgemental....caring....
God is there....always forgiving and renewing your soul

Life is hard.....

but .........
you have me
your dad
and a mighty God

Lean on us..and you got it made!!!

I love you!

Your Mom


Mommyto3andahusky said...

Hi, I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I am a new follower! :) love your blog!Erin

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