Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Marriage

September 29, 2007

Me and your Daddy on our wedding day

Dear Lyla,

My idea of the perfect wedding was something that when someone walks in they can tell whose wedding it is. It would be a reflection of you! Mine was. It was totally me. That is what everyone said about it. It was great! Marrying your Daddy was the best day ever. He looked so handsome. He was nervous and cute. It was traditional and timeless. After the wedding would be a wonderful reception with family and friends. We would eat, talk, dance. When your daddy and I left..everyone threw birdseed...the truck was all decorated. We came home to rest a minute in OUR apartment then went on our honeymoon. We didn't want to go far away...we didn't want to stay gone for three weeks. We just wanted to be together with no time limits or responsibilities and just enjoy each other being husband and wife. I think we called each other Mr and Mrs Brewer all night long! We went to the nicest hotel in the city and stayed for three days. In my imagination the ending to the perfect wedding was starting a family on your honeymoon. I mean, to me..that is why you get be able to start your own family. Your dad and I both wish for you. A little girl. We didnt know when God would give you to us or how. But we knew that we were ready ...whenever the time came love you unconditionally and give you the best life possible.


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