Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Lyla,

Today you got to hang out with your Nanny and Pawpaw because the "thought" you were sick. Everytime you get sick at school...the next day i take you to your Nanny's house and you act just fine!
I think your faking! I hope you are...I don't like it when your sick.
I completely understand the saying now ..that when your child goes through something it almost hurts you more than it hurts them..because you want to fix everything...and you are literally my heart outside of my body and somtimes I just can't help you...sometimes I just can't fix it.
I hope you know that when you get older....I will always be here for talk to cry vent to...but sometimes you just gotta learn things yourself and get through them yourself.
I had was hard...but I am so glad things turned out the way they did. I am so happy in my life right now!
So after work I went straight up to my mom's to get you. We played. Baked cookies..I helped Uncle Colton with his homework while you and Nanny and PawPaw counted all the cows. Then you and Colton found some grasshoppers to torture..but did NOT want them anywhere near you!!! You and Colton played tents in the living room floor and finally when it was time to go because it was your would not leave!
You took Colton to his room..crawled up in his bed...and said you were staying and sleeping in Colton's bed.
The Queen had spoken!
So Nanny told me to let you stay...
I gave you sugars....hugs....and I love you's.....and made sure you knew that I was going home..and you couldn't have cared less!
I love that you love  your Nanny, PawPaw, and Uncle Colton...and that you feel comfortable and safe enough to stay up there...and it gives me a little extra sleep time...since you like to party...then get up early!
When I got home I called about make sure you were ok...and by the time I had gotten had made Nanny fix you a cup...figured out that Colton doesn't have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse recorded on his TV ...left his room....went to the living room with Nanny...watched your shows..and went to sleep!

Have I ever told you how much I love you!

I love You!
Your momma!


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